I’m reading too much in to this I know I am

But…something has been really bugging me about the Avengers movie. After seeing it six times now I’m starting to notice little things that bug me. For example, forehead rubbing and moments of strangeness.

Most of the characters seems to have a moment of “woah” in the movie, stay with me for a moment. Loki walks past Banner in the lab when he’s brought in, Banner pauses and starts rubbing his forehead, Tony does the same thing when everyone is in the lab fighting just before the shot of Loki’s staff, Steve does the same thing at one point, along with the same scene Thor’s line “you people are so petty and tiny” where he’s laughing. All of these shots seem just a little out of place if anyone catches my drift, as if there just isn’t something right for a moment with each character. Coupled together with the fact at the end of the movie Loki seemed to give up far too easy, I’m pretty sure that Loki has been playing everyone all together, that this “loss” wasn’t a loss for him and he has in fact put everyone exactly where he wants them. I don’t know the line “If its okay with you I think I’ll have that drink now” just seems far too relaxed, Loki looks almost content in that shot.

I think he’s been playing everyone the entire movie.

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    Earth was a play thing for him, he liked playing King, he liked the banter and feeling of above others. Loki is all...
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    YES! The value in Earth was its power over Thor. If he had Earth, he had Jane and THAT’S how he would bend Thor to his...
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